What do the coaches say

Australia, and you, should be very proud of what you have developed. I have purchased three complete systems for my three clubs. I believe AutoCoach is on a winner.
Forbes Carlile
MBE, MSc, ASCTA member number One
The race start function is great and we use it all the time with interval training (i.e. 10 sec apart). I believe it definitely helps our swimmers (and saves the coaches voices). The beep option is very useful too and we use this occasionally.
Forrest Butcher
Head Coach, Somerset College
I love the watch. I use more of the “watch” function. I use the “race” for time trials during practice. Definitely helps our starts to simulate meets.
Gilbert Legaspi
Head Coach Houston Swim Club - USA
I probably use the pace mode more than starts when doing normal squad work but every 2nd Friday the club has a race night for juniors and race starts is exclusively used for not only there starts but to accustom them to the race procedure even to where they stand on pool deck and mount the blocks. Totally convinced this improves all swimmers starts especially those who go early or miss the start.
Ralph McManis
Breakers WA Swim Club – multi discipline coach
Been a massive first night. We have been using the Autocoach system all through staging camp and in warm ups leading up to the meet. We are certainly turning many heads from other countries and have had lots of questions and interest.
Nathan Doyle
Head Coach C2K Aquatic Centre Australia National Coach, IPC World Championships July 2015
I just wanted to write to express some positive feedback towards your product, Auto Coach. Our swim club, Sans Souci Sea Devils purchased two auto coach systems about 18 months ago and it is still a product that I use every session. I feel it is the best product by far that our club has purchased in order to further enhance the performance of our swimmers.

As a coach, the pace function has allowed me to spend less time with my eyes looking at the stop watch and more time with my eyes on my swimmers, allowing me to put in place a lot more stroke and skill correction. The stop watch function is also very handy with it being two stopwatches in one. The swimmers also enjoy when I use the race function for time trials, along with the pace test - king of the mountain, function.

It has been a vital tool in us seeing some great success over the past 18 months. It is definitely a product that I recommend to other coaches and will continue to do so. Thanks for such a great product.
Craig Chantler
Coach Sans Souci Sea Devils
We use the Race Start function to start swimmers and that works very well in test or “for time” swims. We also use the Interval function to start swimmers so that I can watch starts/swims and give feedback for swimming and it also is a set timer in dryland. Overall we are very happy and have found no limitations with the system.
Chris Duncan
Aquatics Director - Merage JCC Orange County . Head Coach - JCC Waves Swim Team
That (interval training) function is very convenient and it allows the coaches to focus on providing more technical feedback to swimmers without looking at the stopwatch.
Ang Peng Siong
Principal - APS Swim School Singapore

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