Sports Technology for the future

The Benefits:

Easier coaching, improved feedback and communication.

School sporting events require fewer staff, can run automatically.

Able to communicate to athletes whilst swimming.

Used by hundreds of organizations in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Our devices collect and analyse real-time data so we can understand why and not just ‘what’.

Our system feedback motivates and challenges athletes to try their best.

We enhance Athlete, Coach & Spectator Experiences.

Proven wireless technology for:

Managers and Administrators

Highly agile technology to improve administration, athlete management processes and data accuracy. Easier to create a meet, fewer staff needed to run it.

Swimmers and Coaches

Realtime visual and audible feedback designed by coaches, used by many top organisations worldwide.


Improved fan engagement pre, during and post event with increased opportunities for sponsorship and real-time event communications.

Venue Benefits

Increase Member Engagement

By adding innovative technologies and visualisation, your venue can bring the pool environment to life.

  • Promote partners, events and community notices on multi-function displays
  • Run animations and movies
  • Host participation events and mini-meets

Additional Revenue Streams

By integrating leading solutions in coach tech your team can add essential, innovative services to your existing offerings.

  • Sponsorship revenue from streamed advertising on large screens within the venue
  • Rental revenue from tech hire and timing solutions to coaches, squads, schools and other pool hirers
  • Become an AutoCoach event venue to promote and deliver special meetings and community events

Innovate Your Community

With applied technologies firmly a part of community life, your venue can lead the education and interaction as a leader in next generation aquatics, no matter the size of the venue or location.

Club Benefits

Increase Athlete Engagement

With our automated technologies, all swimmers can have a individualised experience in a team environment.

  • One coach can manage multiple swimmers at a time
  • Each swimmer can receive personalised data for development and tracking
  • Improved communications on a one-on-one basis in real-time

Improved Coach Resources

Objective data is essential for the coach to successfully provide those small improvements with purpose.

  • AutoCoach technologies integrate seamlessly with data storage for analysis and reporting
  • Connectivity between devices, audio and visual displays ensure clarity on the pool side while the swimmers train
  • Post training analysis is made simple and secure

Innovate Your Squad

Athlete development today incorporates data and technology as we move to more refined talent pathways so allowing your swimmers access to applied technologies improves their experience in the agile professional environments internationally.

On Demand

The professional event without the expensive budget

If your organisation hosts events, race meetings and community engagement occasionally, our “on-demand” solution is perfect for you.

  • Pre-event registration services to ensure participant data is collected reliably and securely or provided to us via your internal processes
  • Comprehensive event day management with fully trained and accredited staff to deliver, install and manage the technologies throughout
  • Access to technologies to suit your specific event including large multi-function displays for promoting partners, event notices, results and more
  • Professional timing hardware and audio systems that connect seamlessly to the environment increasing participator and fan engagement

Event Support

The pressure on volunteers at events can be enormous especially when there is a need for valid timing and live reporting of results in competitions.

The AutoCoach system automates this process for efficiency and our staff are professionally trained to ensure a valid, consistent and reliable service.

A true end-to-end solution for your club, school or venue.

Training & Education

Staff Professional Development

The importance of upskilling your staff on future technologies and services is becoming more evident in today’s society.  AutoCoach provide one-on-one and group workshops on our products plus expertise in the delivery of well-managed, professional competitions and events.

  • Online resources on technology application and use
  • Workshops for groups on how to manage and engage a reliable competition environment
  • Short-courses on validity when assessing human performance
  • Tech support solutions with close relationship development between your team and ours

Protecting Your Business

In the event of staff turnover within your organisation, AutoCoach ensure quick access to resources and support to ensure there is minimal or no disruption to your members experience.


Simple and easy to use, the AutoCoach stopwatches measure & store the basic measurements (time, splits, lap times & stroke rates) as well as high-performance measurements (velocities, SI, SWOLF).

Real time feedback to athletes is provided Visually (stopwatch or LED Display) or Verbally (time-call or via the AutoCoach Speakers). All data is automatically stored on the Watch, and wirelessly transmitted to a computer via an optional Transceiver.


Automated pre-set time cycles are generated by our system with visual and audible commands used to coordinate your squad of athletes.

All athletes can see their performance at a glance and know what time cycle they are on. This frees up the coach to give more attention to technique and motivation.


A versatile wireless race starting and timing system that is easy to setup and use! Race starters will love the pre-programmed official race commands, saving their voice while remaining in full control of each command. All times and results can be downloaded to a computer.

Minimal timekeepers are needed for your next race meet, whether a PB challenge, club meet, school meet or sporting carnival. The system uses the same equipment used in squad training, maximising your investment.

Now an athlete can get real time feed back via audio, visual or directly from the coach
Matt Welsh
OAM former backstroke and butterfly world champion.
Freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping
Ian Pope
Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach of Melbourne Vicentre

See our AutoCoach
system in action

AutoCoach + Time Call

All Stopwatches are audio enabled with built-in microphone and speaker. They can call-out measurements verbally, so that there is no need to look at the screen. They can also function as a walkie talkie and a P.A. system.


Designed with the tech illeterate in mind, the AutoCoach system requires minimal setup - just press and play!


Each device is designed to be portable allowing for easy transportation.


With a range of over 200 meters, the AutoCoach system allows wireless transmission of data, timing and audio.


The system employs a digitally encoded wireless network allowing you to control who's in and who's out.


Adapted for many sports such as track & field, triathlons and especially swimming.


Choose your own components to create your own AutoCoach system designed to do what you need it to do. It's all up to you.

What the coaches say

Australia, and you, should be very proud of what you have developed. I have purchased three complete systems for my three clubs. I believe AutoCoach is on a winner.
Forbes Carlile
MBE, MSc, ASCTA member number One
The race start function is great and we use it all the time with interval training (i.e. 10 sec apart). I believe it definitely helps our swimmers (and saves the coaches voices). The beep option is very useful too and we use this occasionally.
Forrest Butcher
Head Coach, Somerset College
I love the watch. I use more of the “watch” function. I use the “race” for time trials during practice. Definitely helps our starts to simulate meets.
Gilbert Legaspi
Head Coach Houston Swim Club - USA
That (interval training) function is very convenient and it allows the coaches to focus on providing more technical feedback to swimmers without looking at the stopwatch.
Ang Peng Siong
Principal - APS Swim School Singapore

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