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AutoCoach product is a portable wireless timing system suitable for schools, clubs, and organisational sporting events.

“Now an athlete can get real time feed back via audio, visual or directly from the coach”
Matt Welsh
OAM former backstroke and butterfly world champion.
Freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping
Ian Pope
Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach of Melbourne Vicentre

Being battery-powered and portable, the system can be deployed by PE teachers in a swimming pool or on an oval in a few minutes. By acting as a wireless PA system, students are easily managed, even across the area of an oval.

Being modular in architecture, the AutoCoach system can be purchased in stages or shared amongst different sporting departments. Our system lets the kids see their performances/scores immediately, as well as wirelessly sending results to a PC or MAC, thereby reducing support staff requirements. Being software-based, we can add additional sports/functionality in the future, based on customer demand.

Standardised tests such as “beep” tests are integrated into the system.

The basic components used in our system are:

    1. Wireless dual Stopwatch – timing (Data record or measurement) – Teacher
    2. Inbuilt Whistle, walkie talkie, start beep, start gun, siren / PA function – communication (Audio) – Teacher to Students
    3. Wireless USB Dongle – Acts as a data receiver to log race results onto your computer – elimintaing manual results recording
    4. LED Display – Result (Visual) – Students also able to “speak” the times for visually impaired students.

Our current Website is about using the system for swimming coaches and clubs, but we have had great demand for school use in swimming, track and field, and cross-country meets. Other applications are rowing, water polo, etc.

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