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 AutoCoach devices are portable and wireless system that is suitable for clubs and schools – for training and general fitness sessions, and sporting events.

“Now an athlete can get real time feed back via audio, visual or directly from the coach”
Matt Welsh
OAM former backstroke and butterfly world champion.
Freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping
Ian Pope
Australian Olympic Coach and Head Coach of Melbourne Vicentre

Benefits for coaches

  1. An easy to use stopwatch that maximises athlete performance from the palm of your hand.
  2. Freedom to coach and assess performance without the burden of time keeping.
    i. Ability to automatically start athletes on predetermined training cycles.
    ii. Ability to provide to athletes their training time in real time (visually and verbally) at the touch of a button.

Benefits for swimmers

  1. Ability to receive instant feedback and sports science analysis.
  2. Immediate access to stroke characteristics (time, splits, SWOLF, SI, DPS), speed data, and more.

Benefits for clubs

  1. Simple, portable and wireless system that is expandable so you can add to it as your club grows.
  2. Compact and easy to store.
  3. Reduced set up time.
  4. Fewer people required to run your club meets (timing 2 lanes on one watch).
  5. Makes your club nights more exciting with times displayed on LED displays after the race.
  6. All components can be used for both training and racing – maximising the use of your investment.

Time call

  1. All Stopwatches can function as a walkie talkie.
  2. Providing verbal/audio measurement so that there is no need to look at the screen.
  3. Inbuilt microphone for PA system (when used with AutoCoach Speaker).
  4. Conveys instructions/results to a squad/group (with other AutoCoach devices).

Display & memory

  1. Easily switches between the Lap and Cumulative Split time.
  2. Instantly displays the split and finish time.
  3. Automatically stores data from last 99 races in its memory.
  4. Rotate left dial to select the data with timestamp, lane and distance.
  5. Connect to a computer to download Stopwatch data.
  6. With Autocoach ACS82 Transceiver, wirelessly collect and store all data onto a PC or Android tablet.

Available modes

  1. Athlete Race analysis: “Watch” and “Speed”/”Graphics” Mode.
  2. Coach / Training: “Interval” and “Pace” Mode.
  3. Fitness Tests: “20M Shuttle Run”, “Pace Test” and “WAIS Water Polo” Mode.
  4. Race Start & Timing: “Race” and “Group” Mode.

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