Private Coach Package

The perfect base system for the professionally minded coach and development venue to manage small clubs, teams, training sessions and race starts.

  • Elite multi-function AutoCoach stopwatch
  • Mini portable speaker

This bundle is perfect for the professionally minded coach looking to support development and training of individual swimmers and small training groups including the asset of controlled race starts and integrated training tool.

Stopwatch allows communication with the swimmers via the wireless connection to the speaker system.


  • Two-in-one stopwatch, allowing coaches to measure two lanes at a time, stroke rating and splits simultaneously
  • Automates sets including, interval, pace sets, performance test sets
  • Analyses collected times/data including DPS, Stroke Index, SWOLF
  • Communicates with swimmers as a squad or individually
  • Operates Race Meets (Race Starter in-built commands including start & exit whistles, “take your marks” commands, start “beeps” and false start selections)
  • Multi-sport usability: Swimming and Athletics
  • Visually displays and reviews splits, times collected with generated graphs on the stopwatch display
  • Used to Speak to and communicate with AutoCoach One wearables for athletes
  • Compliments Race Modes, sounding starting whistles, a starter’s voice, 8,9, Go counts and intervals during sets as set up by the AutoCoach Stopwatch.
  • Timing modes, announces times or stroke rating as recorded on the Autocoach Stopwatch.
  • Functions as a PA system that amplifies a Stopwatch user’s voice
  • Supports Pace modes set up by AutoCoach Stopwatch including automated fitness testing beeps, interval starts and race starts for up to two lanes per speaker


  • Wireless with up to 200m transmission distance
  • Rechargeable with up to 10 hours battery life
  • USB connector for charging and data upload function
  • Audio input to connect to existing sound systems
  • Multiple display options
  • Dimensions – 10cm High x 6cm Wide x 3cm Deep
  • Includes rechargeable 5000 mAh battery, 5V1A changer and USB charge cable
  • Includes small carry case for your convenience
  • Battery life of up to 30-40 hours
  • Status LED indicating battery levels
  • Splash resistant
  • Water resistant expansion socket – USB port for battery recharging and software configuration
  • Expansion connector supports touch pads or starting block pressure sensors.
  • Wireless transmission range of up to 200m